Isn't it time for your Voice to be heard?

Work with me to discover your Why, find your Voice, and launch your podcast in just 8 short weeks.


Find Your Voice is the only podcast launch course that speaks directly to creative solopreneurs & personal brands.

"Working with Bethany was life-changing. She helped me get unstuck, which was empowering and liberating. I couldn't have got there without her. Our Strategy Day together was worth every penny!"

Susan Van Meter
Founder, SVM Interiors

"It was exciting to see everything that I was working towards come together in a way that I could speak it to the world. So thank you, Bethany, for giving me this opportunity to move forward and take action in my business!"

Lynne Niehaus
Founder, Lynne Niehaus Interiors

"Wow – mind blown! I learned so much from Bethany. I gained clarity about my message. I am so excited to have had her experience to help guide me as I launch my podcast out into the airways!"

Aaron B. Duke
Founder, Aaron B. Duke Interior Design

"I love Bethany's podcast! To think that she did it all by herself with amazing results says a lot about her and her course. Anyone wanting to start their own pod should follow her lead."

Jessica de Velazquez
Founder, Interiors By Jessica

It's time to step up to the mic.

So you want to start a podcast?
It's time to stop giving lip service – and time to launch!
The Find Your Voice podcast course is going to give you...

Laser-like Clarity

Bust through confusion, overwhelm and creative blocks. Discover your passions, find your 'Why', and get clear on your value and unique messaging. 

Killer Confidence

No more cringing at the sound of your own voice! Reclaim your identity & develop the confidence to step up to the mic and be heard.

Content That Connects

Get inside your listeners' heads. Learn how to connect with your audience on a deeper, more authentic level, with content that speaks directly to them.

Meet Your Host,
Bethany Wrede Peterson

Podcast Coach | Personal Brand Messaging Coach

Podcasting is about so much more than what equipment to buy, how to record, and how to get it published on Apple Podcasts.

Of course, you need to know all these things, too! But being a podcaster is really about diving deep, taking a stand, and combatting your inner critic to build the confidence to put yourself out there for the world to hear.

Find Your Voice will teach you to show up to the mic with the confidence, clarity and intention to make an impact and turn listeners into brand evangelists.

Find Your Voice

Rediscover your passions, clarify your 'Why' and leverage your core values to identify and attract your ideal audience.

Launch Your Podcast

No more glazing over at the complicated techy stuff! You'll launch your pod in Week 8, with five episodes. Boom!

Build Your Personal Brand

Come away with the toolkit – and the mindset – to keep refining your personal brand long after launch.

Hey, doll – I hear you!

When I set out to launch my coaching podcast, ARRIVED., I was overwhelmed by all I had to learn, bogged down by a sea of tech options, and – most frustratingly – lacked confidence in my own voice, both literally and figuratively.
I Googled, YouTubed and cobbled my way to my launch. Out of sheer terror and agony at the thought of putting my Voice out into the world, I procrastinated for months, making up excuses as to why my pod "wasn't ready" to be heard. In short, I did all the things we solopreneurs can do to self-sabotage when it came time to put rubber to the road.
My own journey was a helluva learning experience, but not the best use of my time! Speaking of which, I could have saved so much of that precious commodity (not to mention hassle and headache!) if I had just taken a step-by-step course, like this one!

Now I want to save you time, frustration, & hassle.

I'm showing you – step-by-step – how to take your idea from talking points rattling around your head, keeping you up at night, to a professionally recorded podcast that makes your mark, wows your listeners, turns leads into loyal customers – and you into a confident speaker.

No more cringing at the sound of your own voice. No more worrying what you'll say week on week, how to confidently book amazing podcast guests, or how to get your show (and yourself) out into the world.

So, what could you accomplish in just eight short weeks? Turns out, a helluva lot.
Are you ready to join me? Let's do this!
–Bethany xoxo

How Does a Strategy Day Work?

Want to take the course content to a deeper, more personalized level? Book a one-to-one Strategy Day with me to find your voice and make a greater impact on your clients. Here's how it works:

Are you ready to Find Your Voice?

There are two ways to get started with me:




Work collaboratively with me 1:1 to personalize the course content. Together, we'll:

√ Find Your Voice
in Session 1

√ Refine Your Message
in Session 2

√ Craft Your First 5 Episodes
in Session 3

√ All sessions recorded
because no one likes taking notes

√ Includes the self-paced course
so we can maximize our 1:1 time together





Prefer to learn and launch your pod at your own pace?

Your pod launched in 8 weeks
if you stay on track with the lessons & commit yourself to the program

My no-drama mindset method
to bust through confusion, overwhelm & imposter syndrome

√ Book show-stopping guests that listeners will rave about
with the exact email scripts & invite experience process I use to land quality guests

√ My little back book
of podcast editing services; freelancers & royalty-free music sites

√ Spend your time creating (not editing, explaining or chasing)
with my list of 8 must-ask questions to vet any editor before hire

√ Your pod distributed to Apple, Google, Spotify – and more!
get your podcast onto all the major platforms (don't worry – it's easy!)

√ Get your podcast heard
discover how to cross-promote your pod on social media to engage new listeners

√ Stay accountable long after launch 
with my Master Podcast Schedule (aka my Bible!)

Work at your own pace
with 40+ videos taking you step-by-step from idea to launch


"Liberating. Life-changing. Worth every penny!"

– Susan's Success Story –

"I'm much more confident in my messaging!"

– Lynne's Success Story –

Frequently Asked Questions

The course consists of 40+ pre-recorded video lessons walking you through each step of the launch process, for eight consecutive weeks. You'll receive on average five lessons each week, allowing for two Catch Up or Rest days (much like a typical working week).

If you follow along steadily, your podcast will launch with three episodes on Launch Day (Day 2 | Week 8), with two more episodes recorded, for a total of five episodes.

Once you sign up to either the FREE 3-Day Trial or the Full Course, you'll receive an invitation to create login information on Kajabi, a third-party course platform which hosts all the course's content.

You will receive your first lesson the day you sign up (on or after April 5th 2021), and subsequently thereafter, until the completion of the course.

Unlock full, lifetime access to the entirety of the Find Your Voice course by enrolling in the Full Course.

Three days. Sign up to the Mini Course to receive the first three days of lessons in Find Your Voice absolutely FREE. No credit card information is required.

There are over 40 lessons in Find Your Voice.  You'll receive on average five video lessons for eight weeks, with two days to rest or catch up on the course.

Hell yeah, you can! Stick with me and show up for yourself everyday – I’m going to guide you from idea to launch, in mid-Week 8. It’s going to take commitment, and it will no doubt be frustrating at times, but if you manage your time and stay on schedule, you can absolutely get your podcast launched in eight weeks, with five episodes to boot!

In short, no. There are a couple of reasons for this. One: is it possible to launch a podcast in less than eight weeks? Yes. However, Apple Podcasts (and other podcast platforms) can take upwards of three weeks in some instances to approve your first episode for distribution. Quite the monkey wrench in that schedule. Also, creating a podcast, while a lot of fun, is also a lot of work. I’m pumped at your enthusiasm, and I also want you know It’s going to take some real time and commitment to hone your messaging, artwork, and overall ‘feel’ of your show. Don’t rush it, and trust the process. I promise this eight weeks is gonna fly by!

Life’s busy – I get it! There’s nothing to say you have to launch your podcast in eight weeks. You might want to take a little more time to work on all this – and, at times, it going to be a lot of work. If you need to take a break from the course, not to worry. Your purchase entitles you to lifetime access of this version of the Find Your Voice course. So if you need to take a breather at any point in the program, do so. I’ll be there waiting for you when you pick it back up!

All lessons are pre-recorded, allowing for students to work at their own pace. Because of this, I am not on the platform everyday to answer questions. However, I do pop onto the platform from time to time, so feel free to leave a comment and one of the other students or I can answer or reply to this.

If you'd like more personalized help, why not work with me one-to-one on a Strategy Day?

In short, yes – but patience is crucial. Podcasting, like all content marketing, can be an extremely effective way to turn a cold audience into leads, and everntually, a loyal customer base. If your content is off the hook, and you’re providing results ahead-of-time to your listeners (and you’re showing up consistently for them), podcasting has enormous potential to help your business gain free visibility and build a body of ‘evergreen’ content. It’s why so many personal brands, from Brendon Burchard to Brené Brown to Tim Ferriss to John Lee Dumas and Gary V are all committed to podcasting.

That said, podcasting – like all content marketing and advertising – is a long game, with results varying enormously from brand to brand, person to person. Anyone who promises you quick, easy money from a podcast is not working in your best interests. Podcasting is initially therefore a practice of tribe- and trust-building with your audience, and monetization and closing clients down the road once your pod and brand are well-established.

Knowing this, wouldn’t you rather get started now?

In short, no. While I do briefly cover sponsorships in the course, the overarching goal of Find Your Voice is to help beginners get a professional quality podcast up and running as a means to enhance their content marketing mix, brand identity and clarity of brand messaging. It is not to help podcasters turn a quick profit with a podcast (read also the answer to the above question).

Sadly, with over one million podcasts out there now, the reality is that unless you’ve already built a sizeable following, list or audience, it’s very hard to secure lucrative sponsorships when first launching your podcast.

In fact, I encourage students NOT to take up sponsorship opportunities when first starting out.

FULL COURSE: I'm so confident that you're going to LOVE this content that I'm giving you the first three days of Find Your Voice absolutely FREE.  Simply sign up to the 3-Day Trial (no credit card required). Loving it? Enroll in the Full Course to unlock the full benefits of Find Your Voice. Please note the full course is non-refundable, but you do receive lifetime access.
MASTERMIND AUDIO: Non-refundable.
STRATEGY DAY: Non-refundable, non-transferrable.  However, session rescheduling is available up to one year from date of purchase of Session 1.

Nope! Within the full Find Your Voice course is a special link and code to book the Strategy Day, less the price of the course. So, you will not be charged for the course more than once, even if you book a Strategy Day after buying the course.

Of course! Why not book a 15 minute Discovery Call and I can answer any questions you may have.

Prefer email? Try me at [email protected]

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